Kimono Gown【ReCHIKA -リチカ-】

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ReCHIKA-Kimono Gown
Purple petiole L size on ivory ground

As a jacket for clothes, as a room wear, as a haori for kimono.
A kimono gown that you can easily enjoy in various styles.

You can tie the attached string at the back to make it look like a trench coat, or tie it at the front to wear it like a kimono, and enjoy it in 2 ways.

・ Size [M] Length 110 cm [L] Length 120 cm
・ Thickness
・ Soft texture
・ Dirt There are some small stains on the outer material

Since it is made by remaking a recycled kimono, there may be stains or stains on the lining or inconspicuous positions. Please note.

I want to enjoy kimono more freely!

For various lifestyles across times and countries
I want it to be something that can be taken in familiarly!

ReCHIKA is made with such a feeling.
We are proposing a new kimono style while making the best use of the original wonderful fabrics and designs of kimono.
Experience kimonos more freely and casually!
ReCHIKA thinks beyond culture and history,
allowing kimonos to be a part of various lifestyles.
We make use of original fabrics and beautiful
textures of the traditional kimono while exploring
a new, modern way to wear them!