[Cleansing cream] Cosmetics for the stage

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Nakaya original stage cosmetics "My makeup"

A cleansing cream that removes everything from everyday makeup to stubborn stage makeup such as theater, Japanese dance, Western dance, and bride makeup.

Many stage makeups are oily and are difficult to remove with ordinary cleansing agents.
Cleansing cream specializing in stage makeup can be easily removed! !!

Nice large capacity of 250g! !! So you can use the cream generously.

It can be used not only for removing makeup but also for removing sebum before makeup.

"how to use"
Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your face and body.
It softens with body temperature, so you can remove it with a gentle massage.
Remove the cream once with a tissue or cotton, then use a face wash to completely remove the cream.

If you can't wash your face, it's convenient to use a wipe-off lotion and a wipe-off sponge.