[Stretch tabi] 5 pieces Kohaze << Cat POS compatible! !! 》

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5 stretch socks for kimono This is a kohaze type.
Uses Toray nylon tricot fabric.
Since it is a type that stretches firmly, even if you put weight on your fingertips during a female dance, your fingertips will not hurt easily.
It is especially recommended for those who have long fingers and can hit with cotton socks, or those who have pain in their fingertips.
S size: 21.5cm-22.5cm
M size: 22.5cm-23.5cm
L size: 23.5cm-24.5cm
LL size: 24.5cm ~ 25.5cm

《Corresponding to cat POS》
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Outer material: 100% nylon
Instep lining: 100% cotton
Bottom: 100% polyester
made in China