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Nakaya original stage cosmetics "My makeup"

A round sponge puff that is convenient for stage makeup such as Japanese dance, drama, Western dance, and bride makeup.
After applying water white powder, spread it with this sponge.

Size: Diameter about 9.5 cm Thickness about 1.5 cm
Three types of sponge puffs are available: round, rectangular, and tri-cut.
Please use your favorite shape.

<< Japanese dance makeup procedure >>

1. Cleansing face wash
Cleansing creamRemove makeup with and wipe off excess makeup stains with a lotion. At this time, please use a wiping sponge.

2. Base
11 color paletteSpread the color of the base evenly with a cut sponge.

3. Blurred crimson
nextpaletteTake the pink-red inside with your fingers, place the entire upper eyelid and under the eyes only on the outer corners of the eyes, and cast a shadow from the inside of the eyebrows to the nose. At this time, lightly tap with a cut sponge to blur.

4. Nose streaks (highlights)
On the nosepaletteBlur while tapping with a sponge using white.

5. Water makeup
When you take water makeup (white or ocher) on a plateBoard brushAfter applying it to the entire face with, tap it gently with a sponge puff round shape to remove water.

6. Powder white powder
Take powder white powder (white) on a cloth puff and press the entire face well.

7. Makeup for eyebrows and lips
Eyebrows-Draft with crimson and then draw crescent eyebrows with eyebrows.
Eyes-with crimson eyeliner or eyelinerpaletteEmphasize the eyes with black.
Lips-Use the red brush on the palette to outline and fill the area.

8. Collar and nape makeup
Put water white powder in a plateBoard brushApply with a sponge puff, tap it gently to stretch it, and then press it with powder white powder.

9. Finish
Balance the cheeks (red or orange) with a cheek brush and use as you like.False eyelashesPlease finish with.