[Skin undershirt slip (eastern skirt)] Awa Odori / Kimono dressing tool

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A collarless yukata slip that you can wear under your kimono.
It is a type of east skirt (with gusset) that is below the knee length, so it prevents your legs from coming out.

The body and sleeves are made of antibacterial Acetor Tenjiku, a fabric that absorbs sweat very quickly.
The hem part is antibacterial and has a silky feel that does not interfere with movement.

All fabrics are antibacterial and deodorant! !!

Body / sleeve (antibacterial acetol back mesh woven) 100% cotton
Hem protection (antibacterial vertical) 100% polyester

M size: Height 116cm Carrying 11cm Hem circumference 133cm (Recommended for people with height 145cm-155cm)
L size: Height 120cm Carrying 11cm Hem circumference 148cm (Recommended for people with height 155cm-170cm)