[Sponge puff rectangle] Cosmetics for the stage

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Nakaya original stage cosmetics "My makeup"

A rectangular sponge puff that is convenient for stage makeup such as Japanese dance, drama, Western dance, and bride makeup.
After applying water white powder, spread it with this sponge.
You can cut it to your favorite size and use it.

Size: Length 8.5 cm Width 10 cm Thickness 2.5 cm

Sponge puffcircular, Rectangle,Cut in threeWe have three types.
Please use your favorite shape.

<< Japanese dance makeup procedure >>

1. Cleansing face wash
Cleansing creamRemove makeup with and wipe off excess makeup stains with a lotion. At this time, please use a wiping sponge.

2. Base
11 color paletteSpread the color of the base evenly with a cut sponge.

3. Blurred crimson
nextpaletteTake the pink-red inside with your fingers, place the entire upper eyelid and under the eyes only on the outer corners of the eyes, and cast a shadow from the inside of the eyebrows to the nose. At this time, lightly tap with a cut sponge to blur.

4. Nose streaks (highlights)
On the nosepaletteBlur while tapping with a sponge using white.

5. Water makeup
When you take water makeup (white or ocher) on a plateBoard brushAfter applying to the entire face withSponge puff roundRemove the water while tapping with.

6. Powder white powder
Take powder white powder (white) on a cloth puff and press the entire face well.

7. Makeup for eyebrows and lips
Eyebrows-Draft with crimson and then draw crescent eyebrows with eyebrows.
Eyes-with crimson eyeliner or eyelinerpaletteEmphasize the eyes with black.
Lips-Use the red brush on the palette to outline and fill the area.

8. Collar and nape makeup
Put water white powder in a plateBoard brushPaint withSponge puff roundAfter stretching it while tapping it lightly, press it with powdered white powder.

9. Finish
Balance the cheeks (red or orange) with a cheek brush and use as you like.False eyelashesPlease finish with.